How to prevent nitrile gloves from falling off during use?



In order to prevent nitrile gloves from falling off during use, the following measures can be taken:

Correctly choose the right size gloves: Make sure to choose the right size nitrile gloves to ensure that the gloves can fit snugly, not too loose or too tight.

Wear gloves correctly: When wearing gloves, insert your fingers into the corresponding finger grooves of the gloves one by one to ensure that each finger is inserted. Then extend the palm of the hand into the glove, making sure the glove covers the entire hand.

Check Glove Condition: Before using gloves, inspect gloves for tears, tears, or other defects. If damaged gloves are found, the nitrile glove manufacturer recommends that they be replaced immediately.

Avoiding rabbits pulling gloves excessively: avoiding rabbits pulling excessively or using too much force when using gloves. Excessive pulling on the glove may result in damage or loosening of the glove.

Avoid contact with rough surfaces: Try to avoid contact with rough or sharp surfaces, as these may damage the glove.

Proper storage of gloves: When not in use, store gloves in a dry, clean place away from direct sunlight and chemicals. Avoid rubbing or squeezing with other items.

Change gloves regularly: Nitrile gloves are single-use and will wear and deteriorate over time. Change gloves regularly and avoid using aged or damaged gloves.

Please note that the above measures are aimed at improving the stability and fit of disposable nitrile gloves, but cannot eliminate the risk of glove falling off. When using gloves, you still need to pay attention to safe operation, and try to avoid the risk of gloves falling off.