How to properly wear nitrile gloves to prevent cross infection?



Proper wearing of nitrile gloves can prevent cross-infection. Here are the steps to properly wear nitrile gloves:

Clean your hands: Make sure your hands are sufficiently clean and washed before putting on gloves. Use warm water and soap for hand hygiene, rinse and dry hands.

Choose the right size gloves: Choose nitrile gloves that fit your palm size. Gloves that are too large or too small are not conducive to wearing and using. Gloves of appropriate size can provide good fit and protection.

Put your fingers into the glove: Gently put the fingertips of one hand into the cuff of the glove, and gradually put all your fingers into the glove. Make sure your fingers go into the glove and avoid creases or voids inside the rabbit glove.

To adjust the position of the glove: Hold the bottom of the glove with the other hand and gently pull the glove up so that it covers the wrist. Make sure the bottom of the glove sits above the wrist for good protection.

Check the quality of gloves: After wearing the gloves, carefully inspect the surface of the gloves for damage, holes or cracks. If the gloves are found to be damaged or have quality problems, they should be replaced with new ones immediately.

Avoid touching unclean items: After wearing gloves, avoid touching unclean items or surfaces to prevent cross-infection. At the same time, avoid touching your face, mouth, nose and other parts with gloves.

Correct removal of gloves: It is also important to remove gloves using the correct method. Pull the glove on one hand down from the wrist to the fingers, keeping the glove inside out. Then, grasp the glove by the bottom with your ungloved fingers and remove it along with the removed glove, avoiding touching the outer surface of the glove.

Throw away used gloves: After the gloves are properly removed, the nitrile glove manufacturer disposes of the used gloves in an appropriate garbage bag or container. Avoid re-touching yourself or others with used gloves.