What are the precautions for purchasing protective gloves?



What are the precautions for purchasing protective gloves:

1. Choose suitable size protective gloves. The size of the gloves should be suitable. Gloves that are too tight will restrict blood flow, cause fatigue, and be uncomfortable; gloves that are too loose will be inflexible and easy to fall off.

2. There are many types of protective gloves, and they should be selected according to the purpose and protective performance. It is necessary to clarify the protection object first, and then carefully select it to avoid accidents due to misuse.

3. For insulating protective gloves, carefully inspect the appearance before each use, and use the air blowing method to blow gas into the gloves, pinch the cuffs of the gloves tightly to prevent air leakage, and observe whether the gloves will leak by themselves. If the inspection gloves have no air leakage, they can be used as sanitary gloves. It can still be used when the insulating gloves are slightly damaged, but a pair of gauze or leather gloves should be covered outside the insulating gloves to ensure safety.

4. When using rubber gloves, they should not be in contact with acids, alkalis, or oils for a long time, and should be prevented from being pierced by sharp objects. Wash and dry after use, sprinkle talcum powder on the inside and outside of the gloves, and keep them properly, and keep them away from pressure and heat during storage.

5. The color of all rubber, latex, and synthetic rubber gloves should be uniform. Except for the thickness of the palm, the thickness of the other parts of the glove should be similar, and the surface should be smooth (for anti-slip, stripes or granular anti-slip patterns should be made on the palm and face. Except for those) o No air bubbles larger than 1.5mm are allowed on the palm and face, and slight wrinkles are allowed but no cracks are allowed.

6. In addition to the selection of insulating gloves according to the regulations, the voltage strength should be re-inspected after one year of use. Those who fail to pass should not be used as insulating gloves.