The role of protective gloves



The functions of protective gloves are: 1. Prevent fire, high temperature and low temperature damage. 2. Prevent damage from electromagnetic and ionizing radiation. Prevent electrical and chemical substances from harming. 3. Prevent impact, cutting, abrasion, microbial invasion and infection. 4. Protective gloves include cut-resistant gloves, labor protection leather gloves, acid and alkali resistant gloves, etc., which are widely used in industrial and agricultural production in our country.

When choosing hand protective equipment, it is necessary to make a good judgment on the characteristics of the working environment of the industry. Choose good protection and do a good job of safety. Classification of protective gloves: Protective gloves are divided into five-finger gloves, three-finger gloves, mittens, straight gloves, hand gloves and finger cots according to the shape. According to the protective function, it can be divided into insulating gloves, anti-high temperature gloves, cold-proof gloves, anti-mechanical injury gloves, acid and alkali-resistant gloves, anti-virus gloves, oil-resistant gloves, anti-X-ray gloves, waterproof gloves, anti-static gloves, anti-vibration gloves and anti-microwave Gloves etc. Heat gloves. To protect hands from radiant heat and flame burns, it is made of aluminized fabric, leather, fiberglass, flame-retardant fabric and other materials.