Types and maintenance of gloves



There are many kinds of protection for industrial gloves. In addition to chemical resistance, they also have the functions of cutting resistance, electrical insulation, waterproof, cold protection, heat radiation protection, fire resistance and flame retardant. General acid and alkali resistance gloves are not equivalent to chemical resistance gloves. , Since many chemicals have different penetration capabilities relative to the glove material, protective gloves with anti-penetration of various chemicals should be selected when necessary. Protective gloves are upper limb protective equipment that defend against physical, chemical and biological external factors from the fingers to the wrist of the operator. Labor protection gloves During operation, hands are the most vulnerable parts of the body. High-temperature gloves protect hands from radiant heat and flame burns, and are made of materials such as aluminized fabrics, leather, fiberglass, and flame-retardant fabrics.

Gloves are used to protect yourself. If you make excuses for not wearing gloves during homework, such as: "Why bother, it will be over in a while." "It's in the cabinet, and I don't have time to get it." Wait, you're actually asking for harm. Gloves that can be put on in a few seconds can protect workers from various injuries. Different labor protection gloves are designed for specific hazards. Familiarity with the type of gloves required is an indispensable preparation before operation. To make the gloves have the best protective effect, you should:

(1) Hands should be clean and dry when wearing;

(2) Before taking off the gloves as much as possible, wash off the chemicals on them;

(3) Put it in an appropriate place for storage;

(4) Regular replacement. Although breakage is sometimes invisible, regular exposure to chemicals can slowly degrade the performance of the glove;

(5) Avoid contact with different chemicals with the same pair of gloves.

There are many kinds of labor insurance gloves, including rubber, canvas, cotton, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, etc. Different positions are equipped with different gloves, and they each have their own uses. Among them, cotton gauze gloves have high strength and good flexibility. , It is flexible and light to wear, and the anti-knife cutting, anti-abrasion, anti-tearing, and anti-stab functions that have been processed through the process are more excellent, and the service life is long, which plays a huge role in work and use.

At present, with the increase of industrial operations, the scope of use of labor protection cotton gloves is becoming wider and wider, such as construction, industrial and mining, metal, machinery manufacturing, glass, hardware, electromechanical, heavy industry operations and other industries, the market demand for cotton gauze gloves is increasing. This phenomenon also reflects the superiority of my country's social development. Cotton gauze gloves are still widely favored in the domestic market.